Call for Participation

This year we are hoping to engage the greater IxDA community to allow the topics of workshops and talks emerge. Broad topic areas include but are not limited to:

  • Vocational vs. research education models
  • What is next for interaction design education?
  • Balancing generalism vs. specialization.
  • Relationships between industry and education.
  • Apprenticeships and internships
  • Alternative education models

Deadline for submissions will be 31 October, 2014 @ 11:59pm (23.59hours) US Pacific Daylight Savings Time.
Be aware that timezones are a bit weird this time of year because the US switches timezones after Halloween.

Speakers will be announced at the end of November, early December.


Workshops are about learning, exploring and sharing by doing & making. Leaders will have up to 3 hours for their workshops. Leader(s) will be paid a $500 stipend (total for all leaders) and receive up to 2 free tickets to the Summit and 50% off the full-price admission to the general Interaction 15 conference for only 1 person. We will have space for approximately 4 workshops. — SUBMIT


Presentations are about sharing, teaching, provoking. They can be organized as single persons, or as 2-person panels. Up to 2 tickets to the Summit and 50% off admission to the Interaction 15 conference for up to 1 person will be given for any given presentation session. – SUBMIT