Tickets for both the main conference and the Education Summit are now sold out.

If you’ve got a ticket, lucky you! Here are some details you should have already received via email, but just in case you haven’t we’re repeating them here.


Hopefully you’ve already booked your mode of transport to get you to SF. If you haven’t, you can also sometimes find cheaper domestic flights into Oakland International Airport (OAK), so check that out as well.

If you’re flying into SFO, it’s pretty easy to get BART into the city directly from the airport. For downtown (and the Clift Hotel), get off at Powell Street station, which is about a 40 minute ride. Or you can get a taxi, which will run you around $60 or so to downtown.

If you’re flying into OAK, there’s a new monorail that will connect you from the airport to the BART system at Coliseum/Oakland Airport station, where you can get into downtown San Francisco in about 35 minutes. A taxi from OAK will be around $80 to downtown SF.


Your ticket entitles you to watch the keynote talks inside the Theater at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, along with access to the entire conference program.

If you have a ticket to watch the keynotes in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, you’ll pick up your badge at the main registration desk, which will open at 8.00 am on Monday the 9th of February, inside the Grand Lobby at the YBCA.

If you have a ticket to watch the keynotes in the Contemporary Jewish Museum, you’ll pick up your badge at the registration desk inside the lobby of the CJM, which will open at 8.00am on Monday the 9th of February.

If you have a ticket to the Education Summit, you’ll pick up your badge at the California College of the Arts on Sunday the 8th of February, along with your conference ticket if you’ve also purchased one of those.


Once you’ve got into San Francisco and picked up your ticket, you’ll want to think about what kind of conference experience you’d like to have.

We’ve been hard at work building out a program that we feel represents the breadth of interaction design. Alongside our six keynote speakers – Jan Chipchase, Kara Swisher, Gentry Underwood, Tim Brown (with Allan Chochinov) & Ayah Bdeir – we also have speakers and workshop leaders from companies such as Twitter, GE, Facebook, Google, Greatschools, Ammunition, Microsoft, Intel, the Near Future Laboratory, IDEO, frog, Cooper, Method, Soundcloud and Sonos.

So, whether you’ve registered for a workshop or you’re just planning on taking in three days of talks, you should be all set for three days well spent.


Lunch will be served between 1pm – 2pm in two locations: inside the Contemporary Jewish Museum and inside the Forum hall at the YBCA. You’re free to choose either location to eat in, or maybe pick your lunch up and wander somewhere nice to eat under a tree.

Refreshments will be served throughout the day in appropriate breaks.


Finally, there’s a whole city to explore beyond the conference, and we hope you find time to do this. You’re downtown, so immediate areas — Union Square, SoMA, Chinatown, the Tenderloin — are pretty easy to explore on foot. If you need to get further afield, you can get the local light rail service (MUNI) from Powell Street station, or BART, which will take you to the Mission District and beyond.

And finally, right next to the YBCA and dotted around the city are San Francisco’s new bike sharing stations, which you can use as a quick and easy way to get around (so long as you stay away from the hills.) You can buy a 24 hour or 3 day membership directly from one of the kiosks where the bikes are located, which is perfect for the conference.


We’re super excited to announce the availability of the Interaction15 app, from Sched. Any changes you’ve made to your schedules will be synced with this once you log in, and you can continue to use the app to register or unregister for sessions.

The app also caches content for viewing offline, so for our international visitors, you don’t always need to have a data connection to use it.

Here’s the links:




All main conference venues and the evening parties are in locations that are wheelchair accessible. Some of the peripheral events (such as the Tuesday night Open Studios event and various happy hours hosted by other companies) may or may not be accessible. If you would like more information, assistance with transportation or access for these or other events, please get in touch.


The IxDA will provide specific accommodations for hearing impairment as needed. Because accommodations for hearing impairment can take many forms, we ask you to reach out to us with your particular needs and we will do our best to accommodate.


If you have dietary restrictions or concerns, you should make sure they are noted in your Eventbrite account as soon as possible so that we can be sure to accommodate you. The deadline for this is the end of day 1/25.


The conference venues will have a room reserved for nursing moms. This will be located behind coat check in the Grand Lobby of the YBCA. Ask someone at the coat check if you’d like access and they’ll direct you to the room.


We strive for a great conference experience for every attendee, and as a part of our community gathering your role in this is important too. The IxDA has created a Code of Conduct that applies to all of our in-person events as well as our online forums, and outlines some expectations for participation in our community. We encourage you to give it a read. Additionally, we’d like to open lines of communication to our conference volunteers to address any concerns you have during the conference, who will be clearly identifiable and available at every location.


We hope you won’t have to, but we understand that plans change. So here’s our position on that.

  • Registrations are transferable — contact with your order number and the name, email address and any special requirements of the person you would like to transfer to.
  • Delegates who are refused a travel visa will receive a full refund.
  • Cancellation notices received by midnight (U.S. Eastern Time) on 12/08/2014 will receive a 75% refund of registration fee.
  • Cancellations beginning 12/09/2014 will forfeit the entire registration fee.